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The Dos and Don'ts of Clubbing in Japan

The Dos and Don’ts of Clubbing in Japan

Clubbing in foreign countries can be fun, and sometimes can be a nightmare as well if you don’t know the rules.

Today, we will share the dos and don’ts of clubbing in Japan, which you can follow to enjoy your night out!

We didn’t list up all of them, but the following dos and don’ts are some of the essential rules to follow when clubbing at nightclubs in Japan.

1.DO: Bring Your ID


Nightclubs in Japan are very strict with ID checking.

Make sure to bring your official ID, issued by your country or by the Government of Japan.

If you are in Japan for vacation, make sure to bring your passport with you.

If you live in Japan, make sure to bring your Residence Card with you all the time.

All IDs must have your photo on it!

2.DO: Bring Enough Cash for Drinks & Cab


Most bars at nightclubs in Japan don’t accept credit cards for drink payments, unless you’re sitting at the VIP area.

Bring enough cash to pay your drinks, and make sure you have a room in your wallet for cab, unless you want to stay at the club until it shuts down at 5.a.m.

3.DO: Eat & Pre-game Before Entering The ClubPixabay

Ordering food at clubs in Japan is possible, but it will be very difficult if you’re not sitting at the VIP area. Usually you won’t have table for your food, so make sure to have your dinner before visiting the club.

Do pre-game with your friends at bars or izakaya, because drinks at the clubs are expensive. A bottle of beer costs around 700 Yen, and a glass of cocktail costs around 700 Yen ~ 1,000 Yen.

4.DO: Wear Comfortable Clothes & ShoesPixabay

Clubs in Japan usually are very crowded.

Do wear comfortable clothes and shoes.

For ladies, we don’t recommend high heels, as there are possibilities for you to hurt others by stepping on them.

Though we advised you to wear comfortable clothes and shoes, stay chic!

Follow the dress codes, and for gentlemen singlets, tank tops, shorts, and sandals are BIG NOs.

5.DO: Stay AlertPixabay

Stay alert at all time.

Though you might think that Japan is safe, nightclubs are not as safe as Japan in general.

Nightclubs in Japan are like melting pot.

You will see people from different countries, all packed in a small room.

Make sure that you always have your wallet, purse, and cellphones with you.

Don’t get too close with strangers.

Stick with your groups and don’t get separated!

6.DON’T: Get Too Wasted


Don’t get too wasted.

You don’t have to be sober, but make sure that you know your limit for drinking.

If you are too wasted, the bouncers here might kick you out of the club!

7.DON’T: Mix Drinks


Unless you’re sitting at the VIP area, all alcohols sold at the bar are usually low shelves.

Most clubs use cheap vodka, gin, and rum as the base for the cocktails.

Don’t mix drinks.

If you started with a vodka base, stay with vodka.

Don’t mix hard liquor and Long Island Iced Teas should not be on your list.

8.DON’T: Get Too Close with Strangers


Many people have different clubbing purposes.

Some people are at the club for dancing and socializing.

Others are there to get laid.

Stay alert and make sure you’re on your safety zone.

If you talk to stranger and don’t feel comfortable, feel free to say no, and stay together with your friends.

DON’T: Share a Cab with Strangers


Follow the golden rule!

If you go to the club with your friends, go home with your friends!!!

Don’t share a cab with strangers, or you’ll end up waking up to them in the next morning.

10.DON’T: Pee On The Streets!


This one is for the gentlemen.

No peeing on the streets.

If the cops find you peeing on the streets, they’ll ask you to pay the fine!

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