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Guide to Tokyo LGBT Night Out!

Guide to Tokyo LGBT Night Out!

Have you ever heard of Shinjuku Ni-chome? 

Shinjuku Ni-chome is one of the most famous spots for LGBT night out in Tokyo, and today we’d like to introduce a way to explore this wonderful spot, where all LGBT people gather for drinks and dancing on every weekends!

1.What’s Good About Shinjuku Ni-chome?

Image Source: Starletgazer @ flickr

Being one of the most popular spot for LGBT night outs in Japan, Shinjuku Ni-chome is packed with small local restaurants and bars, offering decent food and drinks with great atmospheres.

The area is also foreigner friendly, and almost everyday you can find expats hanging out with the locals in Nicho-me.
You’ll see more expats and tourists visiting Ni-chome on the weekend, so try to visit Ni-chome on the weekend if you want more international vibes.

Ni-chome can be easily accessed from, literally, everywhere. The closest station to Ni-chome is the Shinjuku San-chome station on the Fukutoshin or Marunouchi line of Tokyo Metro. The closest exit to Ni-chome is the C5 exit, which is located across the street that goes into Ni-chome.

2.Food at Ni-chome

Image Source: Tabelog

The best thing to eat at Ni-chome is the burritos at Rainbow Burritos, and the taco rice at CoCoLo Cafe.

You might question us, why Mexican Food?

Too bad that you can’t really find great Japanese food in Ni-chome area.

There are many great Japanese restaurants and bars nearby Shinjuku San-chome station, so if you want to eat something Japanese, we recommend to have dinner there before going to Ni-chome.

In Ni-chome, you can only find some ramen shops and some sushi restaurants, which are not so good and a little bit overpriced.

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Rainbow Burritos is a small restaurant that only seats around 10 people. 

Offering great burritos, this restaurant is always packed, so make sure to arrive earlier if you wanna grab a seat inside.

Nevertheless, it’s a burrito, so you can always grab n go, but keep in mind eating while walking is considered rude in Japan.

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Your second option is CoCoLo Cafe, which is more spacious compared to the restaurant mentioned before. 

It serves great taco rice, Japanese-Mexican dishes originated from Okinawa. 

This restaurant offers cozy atmosphere, with less Ni-chome vibes. 

It feels like anywhere else in Tokyo, except you can get intimate with your partner without getting weird looks here.

3.Easiest & Cheapest Way To Get Smashed in Ni-chome

Image Source: Pixabay

People literally visit Ni-chome to get “smashed”. Yes, “smashed” by the alcohol, which means to get drunk, or “smashed” by your partner or new fling(s), if you’re lucky enough.

As long as you’re over 20, walking while drinking outside is acceptable, as Japan doesn’t prohibit “open container”. 

There are several convenience stores in Ni-chome, and you can stop by these stores for a pre-game by purchasing beers or chuhai, and few packs of cigarettes if you smoke.

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If you wanna hop on a cheap bar, stop by Aiiro Cafe, a standing bar that is famous for its weeknight’s  1,000 yen all-you-can-drink program. 

The drinks at this bar are relatively cheap, and since it’s partially outdoor, you can enjoy sipping your drink in a fresh air.

4.Wander Around For More Fun!

Ni-chome is filled with many great LGBT entertainment spots like gay bars and lesbian bars, where you can drink and spend the night with your partner or fellows, or LGBT clubs where you can dance.

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One of the best lesbian bar to visit is Bar Gold Finger (Japanese), which is very popular among both, locals and foreigners. 

This bar is completely closed off to males on Saturday nights, so make sure to check your schedule before visiting this bar.

There are a lot of gay and transexual bars to visit in Ni-chome. All bars welcome foreigners, but we suggest to bring a friend who can speak Japanese if you’re planning on visit long-established transexual bar like Hangyojin, because the owner and the bartenders cannot speak English, but still they are welcoming foreigners to drink and sing in the bar.

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There are not so many LGBT clubs in Ni-chome, but we suggest to visit Arty Farty, a small, packed, hot, and steamy dance club in Ni-chome. 

You can find everything at this club, from LGBT couples doing PDA on the dance floor, to weirdos busting some crazy dance moves.

5.Enjoy Your Night in Ni-chome!

Image Source: Pixabay

As we’ve mentioned before, Ni-chome is filled with wonderful entertainment spots for LGBT party goers. 

You can visit this area with your partner or your fellows, but make sure to bring more cash because most bars don’t accept credit cards!

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