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Guide To Enjoy Your Days at ULTRA JAPAN!

Guide To Enjoy Your Days at ULTRA JAPAN!

If you love dance music, you definitely know ULTRA Music Festival, which is one of the biggest dance music festivals in the world.

ULTRA Music Festival is held in many different countries, including Japan. The festival is held in Odaiba, Tokyo every year in September for 2 or 3 days in a row.

The festival is always packed with people who love dance music, and today we will share some tips you can follow to enjoy ULTRA JAPAN at most!

1. Buy Your Tickets Early!Pixabay 


Make sure to buy your tickets early. Tickets to big festivals like ULTRA JAPAN are sold out in seconds.
In fact, the tickets for the VIP area on the first year of ULTRA JAPAN was sold in less than 10 seconds after they were released!
If you have enough money to buy the early bird tickets, get some!

2. Opt for VIP PassPixabay

If you don’t like long lines, then we strongly recommend the VIP pass.
The price for VIP pass is 30,000 Yen per day.

It might sound too expensive, but considering all the privileges you will get, opting for VIP passes is not a bad decision.
The VIP area has different public bathrooms and bars, that restricted only for VIP guests.

If you opt for the VIP pass you will also get different wristbands for each day, and last but not least, by opting for VIP pass, you will have a special space in front of the main stage, where you can see your favorite DJs from up close!

3. Plan Your DayPixabay

Make sure that you check the rundown for the events.
Besides main stage, there are several different stages where you can see not so famous, but great DJs performing.

Headliners usually start playing from 6.p.m., so the main stage gets really packed around 4.p.m.
The smaller stages have limits for audience, so make sure to be there early!

 4. Arrive as Early As Possible Pixabay

ULTRA JAPAN is a big event, people from all over the world will visit this event.
Arrive as early as possible, and line up at the gate early so you can get the best spot to see your favorite DJs.


5. Bring Extra Cash for Drinks, Foods, & MerchandisePixabay

Bring extra cash for drink, foods, & merchandise!
You need cash to pay your drinks, foods, and merchandise at the events.
The venue will be too packed, and using credit card is not a smart choice as you might lost it while queueing.

6. Bring Sunblock & Wear Sunglasses

ULTRA JAPAN is held in an open air arena, bring sunblock to prevent yourself from getting sunburns.
Wear sunglasses if you think that the sunlight is too bright.

7. Wear Comfortable Clothes & ShoesPixabay


Forget about wearing flashy clothes or high heels to ULTRA JAPAN.
The venue will be so packed.
Wear shorts, t-shirts, and sneakers for more comfort!

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