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Dress Code Guide For A Night Out in Tokyo!

Dress Code Guide For A Night Out in Tokyo!

Tokyo is one of the most fashionable cities in the world, and having a night out in Tokyo means that you have to dress in style.

Today we will give you a dress code guide for a night out in Tokyo, which you can use as a guide when you’re having vacation in Tokyo!

1. For The Ladies

For a night out in Tokyo, a smart casual, or chic style are always great for night outs! 

Little Black Dress


No matter where you are, little black dress always goes well!

Wear a little black dress with a pair of flat shoes or white sneakers with some gold or silver accessories for a great night out in Tokyo!

Dress In White!

Dress in white if you don’t like black!

White dress gives you more elegant look, especially if you match it with the right shoes and accessories!

Wear A Pair of Fancy Flat Shoes

Wear a pair of fancy flat shoes to add spice on your look!

We don’t recommend high heels as you will be walking a lot and standing for hours!

2. For The Gentlemen

Be dandy when you’re having a night out in Tokyo!

Nightclubs in Japan are more strict to the gentlemen when it comes to dress code. Follow our guide to enjoy a great night at clubs in Japan!

Wear Long Trousers

Just like nightclubs at other countries, nightclubs in Japan don’t accept shorts for male.

All gentlemen are expected to wear long trousers. No shorts or bermuda!

Be Dandy!Pixabay

Be as dandy as you can!

Wear long trousers, shirts, and jackets to look good! 

Style your hair with wax and shave or trim your beard a bit to attract women in Japan!

Wear Dressy Shoes

Even though the ladies can wear flat shoes or fancy sneakers, the gentlemen are expected to wear dressy shoes.

We suggest you to wear leather shoes, or if you want something more comfortable, wear leather slip-ons!

Some clubs forbid sneakers, and of course sandals and flip flops are not permitted at all time!

3. End Of Message

Japanese people always dress neatly, so many people expect you to dress neatly when hanging out in Japan.

Avoid wearing jeans at all cost, especially for the gentlemen.

Ladies are expected to wear dress and shoes like flat shoes or high heels, and gentlemen are expected to wear long trousers like chino pants, shirts, and dressy shoes like leather shoes or leather slip-ons.

Last but not least, avoid wearing shorts, flip flops, and sandal at all cost. You will be rejected at the front gate!

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