Best 300 yen Izakaya to Visit in Tokyo!

Izakaya is a Japanese style bar and stopping by the izakaya is usually included in everyone’s agenda when visiting Japan.

Eating and drinking at izakaya usually costs around 4,000 yen (tax excluded) per person, and sometimes it can goes up to 7,000 yen (tax excluded) per person depending on the level of izakaya.

Today we came up with a list of izakayas in Tokyo for you to visit, offering decent food and drinks priced up to 300 yen (tax excluded) only!


1. Torikizoku

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Torikizoku is one of the most famous izakaya chains in Japan with specialties in yakitori, and this izakaya is very famous among college students for its reasonable price.

Torikizoku prides itself on its high quality service and delicious food, offered at low price. Indeed, though the food and the drinks are priced at 298 yen (tax excluded), the quality is decent!

Enjoy a 2-hour all-you-can-eat and all-you-can-drink program for 2,980 yen (tax excluded) only! Strongly recommended for big groups!

Basic Information
Izakaya Name: Torikizoku
Locations: There are many branches of Torikizoku in Tokyo, and you can find this izakaya nearby any major stations in Tokyo. For more information about the izakaya, click here (in Japanese).
Menu in English: Yes


 2. Harahachibunme

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Harahachibunme is a new izakaya chain in Japan, and this izakaya is famous for its gigantic karaage (Japanese style fried chicken).

Even though this izakaya is relatively new, this izakaya is very popular among the locals for its cheap price. All food and drinks are priced on 280 yen (tax excluded), making this izakaya is relatively cheap compared to others.

The downside of this izakaya is you have to pay for the table charge and the service charge, 280 yen (tax excluded) each. Also, a 10% charge will be added to your total bills if you visit this izakaya after 10.p.m.

Basic Information
Izakaya Name: Harahachibunme
Locations: There are many branches of Harahachibunme in Tokyo. For more information about these branches click here (in Japanese).


 3. Bariyasu Sakaba

Image Source: Tabelog

Bariyasu Sakaba is an izakaya chain managed by Monteroza, one of the biggest food and beverage company in Japan.

Bariyasu Sakaba, which literally means “super cheap drinking place” offers reasonable priced food and drinks to the locals in Tokyo, Saitama, Kanagawa, and Osaka. 

Just like Torikizoku, you don’t have to pay any table charge and service charge at this izakaya.

Most food are priced in between 98 yen to 298 yen (tax excluded), but some special food can be as expensive as 740 yen (tax excluded), so make sure you check the price before ordering your food here.

Drinks are priced in between 148 yen to 418 yen (tax excluded) per glass, and Moët & Chandon is priced at 9,800 yen (tax excluded) per bottle.

Draft beer is a little bit expensive here, so if you want to keep your budget low, just order sours, cocktails, or soft drinks.

There are 6 branches of Bariyasu Sakaba in Tokyo, but most of them are located in the suburb area of Tokyo. If you’re not familiar with Tokyo, the easiest branch to stop by is the Meguro East Gate branch.

Basic Information
Bariyasu Sakaba Meguro East Gate Branch
Address: B1F, 2-14-9 Kami-osaki, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo
Closest Station: 3-minute walk from the East Gate of JR / Tokyo Metro Meguro Station
For more information about the menu, click here (in Japanese). 

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