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5 Best bar/ pub for hanging out in Roppongi

5 Best bar/ pub for hanging out in Roppongi

Located in the heart of Tokyo, Roppongi is definitely one of the best places in the city to go for a night out. The international atmosphere draws attention to both tourists and locals. There are numerous bars and pubs in Roppongi to choose from according to your occasion.

1. Rokunana

Source (http://www.roku-nana.com/photo/)

Rokunana is a perfect hideout bar where you can enjoy a silent and mature time. This bar is located in one of the rooms of a normal apartment building not far from the station; not many people would be able to notice the bar unless they knew beforehand. The bar has a scenic balcony where you can enjoy the view of Roppongi. Rokunana is definitely a cool bar to have in mind whenever you are on a date in Roppongi.

2. Hob Goblin Roppongi

Source (http://hobgoblin.jp/%E3%83%9B%E3%83%96%E3%82%B4%E3%83%96%E3%83%AA%E3%83%B3%E5%85%AD%E6%9C%AC%E6%9C%A8/?lang=ja)

If you are looking for an Irish/ British pub in Roppongi, Hob Goblin is the place to go. Hob Goblin offers a variety of British drinks as well as traditional British meals.
Once you step inside the pub it makes you feel like you have traveled to London. Hob Goblin is an ideal place to share some drinks with your friends and have a good time.

3. Rigoletto Bar and Grill


A night out in Roppongi can be expensive at times. Rigoletto Bar and Grill is a perfect place to go whenever you are on a budget. Located on the fifth floor of Roppongi Hills, you can enjoy a scenic view of the city. Thankfully this place is open from lunchtime; you can have an early drink on your day off.

4. Alfie

Source (https://www.news-postseven.com/archives/20101031_4508.html?IMAGE)

If you want to enjoy live music in Roppongi, Alfie should be on the top of your list. Alfie is known for exquisite Jazz music performance; widely known Jazz players perform live music every night.
The cozy atmosphere makes you forget about time and let you soak into the sound of music.

5. BeerBar Fujizakura Roppongi

Source (https://www.beerbar-fujizakura.jp/shop.html)

A worldly known Japanese beer brewery runs this bar, and you can enjoy award winning craft beers.
The owner of the bar is also a beer sommelier, so the meals are made to perfectly match with the beers that they serve.
There are private rooms available as well as a huge bar counter to relax and enjoy.

Those were 5 of the highly recommended bars/pubs in Roppongi. Roppongi being an area that never stops to evolve, it is definitely worth to visit numerous times.

This list of bars/pubs should make your experience in Roppongi a memorable one.

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