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3 Best Budget Clubs in Shibuya To Visit!

3 Best Budget Clubs in Shibuya To Visit!

Clubbing in Japan can be expensive, as most clubs in Japan ask their visitors to pay the cover charge at the entrance. The cost for the cover charge differs depending on which club you are going to, and usually the cover charge for the gentlemen is more expensive (around 3,000 Yen to 5,000 Yen).

Spending almost US$50 for cover charge at clubs in Japan sometimes can hurt your budget, and today we have chosen 3 budget clubs in Shibuya that are worth to visit during your stay in Japan!

1. TK


TK, formerly known as T2, is one of the best budget clubs in Shibuya, and the club offers not just cheaper cover charge, but also great music as well.

Located in Shibuya Center Street, the club offers not just cheaper deals, but it also offers dinner at reasonable price as well.

Located not so far from the station, this club is a must go if you’re low in budget, as it offers free drinks to the ladies from 10.p.m. until midnight.

This club covers mainly EDM and mix genres, and the maximum capacity of this club is around 1,200 people.

Basic Information
Club Name: TK
Address: Chitosekaikan B1F, 13-8 Udagawacho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Access: 5-minute walk from Shibuya Station
Admission Fee: From 1,000 Yen to 3,500 Yen (male) and from 1,000 Yen to 2,500 Yen (female)
Phone: +81-3-5456-2400
Website: http://tk-shibuya.com/

2. Club CamelotCamelot on Facebook

Even though the club is lack in decoration, Camelot is definitely the cheapest club in Tokyo you can visit for a night out.

Ladies can enter the club for free and foreign gentlemen can enter the club for 1,000 Yen for 2 drinks everyday before 11.p.m.

As foreigners, usually you can get a discount pass that you can use at anytime of the night, which will give you 1,000 to 1,500 Yen discount during the peak time (after 11.p.m.). Make sure to get this pass, or you will have to pay 3,500 Yen for 2 drinks (male), and 2,500 Yen for 2 drinks (female) during the peak time. This discount pass usually distributed by few guys in front of the club.

Camelot has three dance floors, the top level floor usually plays hip hop and RnB, and the bottom floor usually plays EDM, and there is a small white room that plays wide varieties of music depending on the night.

Basic Information
Club Name: Camelot
Address: B3, Jinnanzaka flame 1-18-2 Jinnan, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Access: 5-minute walk from Shibuya Station
Admission fee: From 1,500 to 3,500 Yen (male), and from free of charge – 2,500 Yen (female)
Phone: +81-3-5728-5613
Website: http://www.clubcamelot.jp/


3. Atom
ATOM_TOKYO on flickr

For ladies, if you can reach Atom before midnight, you’ll get in for 1,000 Yen, and you’ll also get 2 drink tickets for that price.

If you can’t make it to the club before midnight, make sure to get the discount coupons that are passed to foreigners by the club guys near the Starbucks on Shibuya Center Street. You can’t get in for 1,000 Yen with these coupons, but you’ll get a great discount for more than 1,000 Yen that are valid for anytime of the night.

There are 3 dance floors at this club, and all of them are usually occupied by the Japanese. This club usually covers top 40, EDM, house, RnB, and hip hop.

The bouncers of this club are very strict, so make sure that you have your photo ID with you, and make sure that you are not too wasted.

Basic Information
Club Name: Atom
Address: Dr. Jeekain’s Bldg. 4F/6F, 2-4 Maruyamacho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Access: 8-minute walk from Shibuya Station
Admission fee: From 1,000 Yen to 3,500 Yen (male), and from 1,000 Yen to 1,500 Yen (female)
Phone: +81-3-3464-0703
Website: http://atom-tokyo.com/system/en.html 

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