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3 Best 300 Yen Bars To Visit in Tokyo!

3 Best 300 Yen Bars To Visit in Tokyo!

Drinking on a budget in Tokyo sometimes can be very confusing, as most bars and izakaya in Japan usually offer drinks for at least 400 yen each.
There are some bars and izakaya in Tokyo that offer food and drinks for 300 yen each (tax excluded), but only few of them offer great drinks.
Today we have selected 3 best 300 yen bars in Tokyo, which you can visit during your trip in Japan!

1. 300 Bar Ginza
Image Source: Tabelog

Though most of us would think that Ginza only offers expensive things, you can also actually find bargains in Ginza too!
300 Bar Ginza is one of the bargains you can find in Ginza, as it offers cheap drinks and food for 300 yen each.
There are 3 branches of 300 Bar in Ginza, and both bars use the ticket system, which you purchase and exchange for food and drinks.

Basic Information
Bar Name: 300 Bar
There are 3 branches in Ginza: 300 Bar 5 Chome, 300 Bar 8 Chome, and 300 Bar Next. For more information about these branches, click here (English).


2. Coins Bar
Image Source: Tabelog

Coins Bar is a decent bar in Shibuya offering cheap drinks, starting from 300 yen (tax excluded).
In addition to the 300 yen drinks, the bar also offers premium drink priced in between 500 to 700 yen (tax excluded) / glass, so make sure that you’re ordering the 300 yen drinks if you are on budget.
The bar also offers reasonably priced tasty food!

Basic Information
Bar Name: Coins Bar
Address: Noa Shibuya Building  B1F, 36-2 Udagawacho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Closest Station: 5-minute walk from Shibuya Station (located in front of Tokyu Hands Shibuya)
Business Hours: Open throughout the year from 4.p.m. to 11:30.p.m.
Official Website: https://coins300.owst.jp/ (Japanese)




3. Bar Moonwalk

Image Source: Tabelog

Bar Moonwalk is a great bar in Shinjuku offering great drinks for 200 yen (tax excluded) each, which is damn cheap!
There are around 300 different types of cocktails, and if you’re hungry you can order the food which are priced in between 300 to 500 yen (tax excluded)  / plate.
The 9-inch pizzas offered at 1000 yen (tax excluded) each, which is reasonably priced for that size.
The downside of this bar is that you will have to pay the 400 yen (tax excluded) cover charge / person, but other than that, everything is super cheap!

Basic Information
Bar Name: Bar Moonwalk
Address: Shinjuku Pegasus Building 2F, 3-31-5 Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
Closest Station: Shinjuku Station
Business Hours: Open throughout the year from 6.p.m. to 5.a.m.
Official Website: https://barmoonwalk.jp/ (Japanese)

If you plan on having a vacation in Tokyo, make sure to stop by one of these bars with your friends for some cheap drinks!

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